Burton & Dalby Parish Council

Serving the people of Burton & Dalby

Clerk: Michele Jones
2 Wyfordby Lane, Stapleford
Leicestershire LE14 2SH

Councillor Mike Watson

Residence: Great Dalby

Contact: mike.watson@me.com


Mike became a member of the Parish Council in May 2021.

He has lived in Great Dalby since 1984 and is married to Gwynneth, herself a former Parish Councillor. They have one grown-up son, Jack.

Mike is a professor of astronomy at the University of Leicester. In a career spanning more than 40 years he has been involved in teaching and research and has played leading roles in a number of international space missions, particularly with the European Space Agency, ESA.

Now partially retired, Mike devotes some of his time to various voluntary activities.

Mike has a real interest in local history and is keen to preserve the rural environment and to see our communities thrive. He is a strong advocate of social justice and ensuring equal opportunities for all. He believes in making sure that everyone in the Parish has a say in local affairs. As an astronomer, he has a passion for preserving the night skies which the countryside enjoys.

Register of Interests is available on the MBC website.